Seeking chef / general manager

  • Steve
  • Monday, Jan 20, 2020

Are you an experienced chef with an entrepreneurial spirit, up for something new, different, and a bit risky? If so, and you want to escape to the northern California mountains, we have a unique opportunity for you.

You would move to Fall River Mills, CA and run the Oak House Tavern, our quaint lodge, bar, and restaurant. As general manager and master chef, you would operate the establishment and hire an assistant chef to execute your culinary vision.

You would have the opportunity to partner with the owner in creating a new vision for this incredibly beautiful, little spot on the upper Fall River. While traditionally a lodge for fly fishers, the site and the river has much to offer beyond fishing.

We could see developing the lodge into a eco-tourism destination, with a cutting edge restaurant and bar, having a higher-end appeal to vacationers seeking a bit of luxury in a rustic location. You could be part of a phased-development project, working with the owner, to redevelop the lodge’s rooms, restaurant, and bar while we keep pieces of it running.

Compensation includes rent-free housing just a stone’s throw away from the Tavern. Your 3-bedroom, 2-bath cottage adjoins a vacation rental and managing this rental would be part of the deal. While the vacation rental is not occupied, you would have access to a tennis court, hot tub overlooking the river, and of course, river access for boating, kayaking, fishing. The business is seasonal (April - November) but you could of course continue to occupy the cottage during the off season if you so desired.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please contact the owner by emailing your resume to