A New Chapter for Metzger's Lodge


Welcome to the Oak House Tavern, formerly known as Spinner Fall Lodge, originally built here many years ago by local legends Jack and Arleta Metzger.

We are the new managers of lodge and live next door just up river so welcome to our home!

Why a new name? Why “Oak House Tavern”?

Well, our owner wanted a name that was family friendly and not just about fly fishing. Our beautiful spot on the river has so much more to offer beyond fly fishing and many of the people who visit would call this spot Spinner Falls and ask “Where is the water fall?”

So you’d go on to explain that, yeah, there are a few waterfalls in the area, but a spinner fall is this thing that happens when a certain mayfly bug wants to lays eggs on the water at a certain time of day and when the air hits a certain temperature and then the bugs die and hit the water and the fish… oh never mind.

Anyway, our owner also owns the property upriver the lodge and has called that house on the river the “Oak House”… not because it’s built of oak — actually, there’s no oak wood in that house — but rather because it’s nestled among an incredibly majestic grove of white oak trees. And there are a few more grand oaks on the lodge property. So that’s how we get “Oak House”

We also wanted a name that reflected the combination of fine food and drinks with lodging for travelers, bringing together the local community with visitors who appreciate our special place. A comfortable place to drink and socialize with friends, eat a nice meal, and stay overnight in our cozy accommodations.

The word “tavern” dates back to medieval folklore and means a place for travelers to drink, eat, and stay overnight… the word has a soothing implication of rustic warmth. So we decided to call the lodge a “tavern”.

Protected by a conservation easement with the Shasta Land Trust, the Oak House is just up river and can be rented out as a short-term vacation rental.

So here you go… we have the Oak House and the Tavern, all right here on this beautiful spot on Fall River. How fitting to call our special place “The Oak House Tavern”…